Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IBB MUC Pop Your KPOP (Sexy KPOP BoyBand Smoky makeup for GUYS ★)

♥Annyeooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg ♥

Hai Alll ~~~~ !!!  
Did you miss Luna ? XD
I miss you guys sooo muchhh!! heheee


YOu guys know.. Luna is newbie bloggerr >_<
Superrr Newbieee.. 

but !
THis time Luna  join the

IBB MUC "Pop YOu'r Kpop"

If u wanna join this MUC too. Just click here.
There's a lot of prizes and it's so much fun too :D

Luna was thinkingthinkingthinkingggg~
Which makeup should luna tryyy... and!

Luna bring 

Sexy KPOP Boyband Smoky makeup for GUYS ★

In korea also in japan makeup is not just for a girls, also for boys too !
start from basic skin care , BB , of course the eye makeup neither !

but i see, in another country boys makeup is not that much abundant^^

Luna love the guys makeup look, and my favorite is 

"Smoky makeup" !!

The Smoky makeup just look so sexy  !!! >/////<


Let's STAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRT !! 

What you ganna need for this makeup is

♬ Base makeup tools

-BB.cream , Concealer , Powder , 
(shading & highlight too if you want) 

♬ Eye makeup
- Black eyeliner Gell, Skin , Brown , Black color eyeshadow ,
eye primer.

♬ cheek

- Brown Blush

♬ Lip makeup

Lip gloss.

↓  luna use for Cheek & Shading ↓

*Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder*

*Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner*
*Brown & black eyeshadow 
(Sorry about no pic of skin color shadown :ㅇ )
*Maybelline Fruity jelly*


Its really simple right ?? ^^
its just same like girls smokyyy!

but, for guys, Not too much :D

Here is before after Eye pic !!

WOW !! Soooooo amazing power of makeup ! ^^

Loookkkk superrr sexy ! >////<

♡Cheek Makeup♡

Apply at just like you shading your cheek


Only apply lip glosss ^^ 

(if you wanna use lipstick...well.. up to you XDD haha)


HOhohoo~~ Thanks to my Boyfriend about be my Model :P

If you want to use smokey makeup for daily(for guys)
draw thin eyeline don't too much ^^ 

↑ It's same makeup & Model 
Did you guys enjoy my make up ?
I'm so happy newbie like me join the 
IBB MUC "Pop YOu'r Kpop"
I don't really mind with result of competition, couse there is
A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooottttt of great blogger !
i'm just newbie hehee ^^

the importance thing is i'm really having fun with posting this makeup and can share with you guys ♥
wish me luck ^^
Special Pic ↓

After makeup ♬ take a pic with model x3
LAlalalalalalalallaaaa~  ♥


Thx for the read !
Wish me luck !!
pls kindly wait my next post :)



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